Travall Guard®

The Travall Guard® is a practical and innovative piece of equipment that acts as a cargo barrier alternative by separating and securing cargo to the rear of the vehicle, away from passengers in the front. Easily installed, yet removable if necessary, this vehicle-specific guard gives you the benefit of separation and protection within your vehicle without having to commit to a permanently installed cargo barrier.

Travall Guard®
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Travall Guard® - A Cargo Barrier Alternative

Travall Guard® - A Cargo Barrier Alternative

At Travall we understand that investing in auto accessories for your car or SUV can be nearly as important a decision as buying the vehicle itself. With this in mind, we designed the vehicle-specific Travall Guard® to help maximize vehicle versatility. With an emphasis on passenger protection, the bestselling Travall Guard® is built to last, while greatly reducing the risks that unsecured cargo such as luggage, groceries, sports equipment, and tools pose to you and your loved ones. When traveling at accelerated speeds, even the most harmless objects have the potential to seriously injure passengers during a vehicular collision. In fact, many injuries sustained during collisions or emergency stops resulting from unsecured cargo striking the car's occupants are completely avoidable. The protection afforded by the Travall Guard® applies to passengers and drivers alike, but is particularly helpful in keeping unsecured objects in the boot away from babies in rear-facing car seats.

Vehicle specific dog guard


Unlike permanent cargo barriers, the Travall Guard® requires no modifications to your vehicle. Installation of our dog guard is a breeze and can be completed in less than 15 minutes using very basic tools. Importantly, if required, the Travall Guard® can be removed without any residual damage to your vehicle or to the barrier, allowing re-installation when desired. Cleverly, in the event of a collision, Travall’s vehicle-specific, crash-tested design does not obstruct airbag deployment and does not put pressure on the headrests, transferring energy into the chassis instead.

Easy to install dog guard


High quality dog guard


Constructed from steel and formed in a unique oval design for additional strength, our pet barriers are laser cut and precision welded. They are then coated with a unique non-toxic nylon powder developed exclusively for Travall, which resists even the toughest scrapes and scratches. The sleek, grey finish provides a neutral look, designed to complement most interior trim packages. As a result of our commitment to excellence and innovation we produce more vehicle-specific dog guards than any other company in the world.

Pet barrier that will keep your pet safe


Whether you're a pet owner, someone who regularly transports passengers, or someone who regularly hauls items in the boot, equipping your vehicle with a Travall Guard® will give you the peace of mind only a secure vehicle interior can offer. Travall's vehicle-specific barriers are built to the exact measurements of your vehicle's make and model to ensure a perfect fit, allowing you to focus on the road, and ensuring your pets and passengers will enjoy the journey. Offered with a limited lifetime warranty, we are confident that the versatile Travall Guard® will become an indispensable accessory for your vehicle.