Whether you’re packing a lot of gear for your annual holiday, travelling with pets that don’t get along with one another, or are just driving home with the week’s groceries if you are looking to create greater versatility within your boot space, we have just the accessory for you.

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Using the highest quality materials and the latest technology, the Travall Dividers are designed, manufactured and custom-made to your specific vehicle ensuring a perfect fit. Using mild steel of the highest quality, the frames are laser cut into an oval shape, adding extra strength.

Vehicle specific divider


Be advised that it is best used with the Travall Cargo Barrier specific only to your vehicle. While our vehicle-specific cargo barriers can be fitted independently from the divider, the divider is unable to be fitted without the accompanied cargo barrier.

Easy to install divider


High quality boot divider


They are then dusted with an organic grey nylon powder coating unique to Travall and placed in a high temperature oven to treat the coating. The end result is an extremely stylish, highly durable and super scratch-resistant divider. And, they are just as easy to remove, as they are to install with no modification required.

Travall cargo divider


The benefit of purchasing the barrier as well is that in case of any sudden braking, the barrier will keep the objects secure and absorb the force of the impact, keeping you and your passengers safe from any potential harm.